Kata Bálint Sun Jan 14 16:33:10 UTC 2018
Hey! I’m an easy going 23yrs old Hungarian, studying International Business Economics. I’m totally travel addict. Last summer I had a crazy road trip through the West Coast of the USA. It was a smashing experience! I like visiting amazing hidden places that most people never knew existed. I visited most of the European countries, so the next stop must be ASIA! I have a bang-up idea of a backpack trip to Asia. I’d like to meet locals and their rich culture. Planned stops: 1. Nepal 2. Bhutan 3. Bangladesh 4. Myanmar 5. Laos 6. Cambodia 7. Singapore (back to the “big city life”) I hope one day this dream could come true!🤗 #takemetoasia #busabout #nepal #bhutan #bangladesh #myanmar #laos #cambodia #singapore
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Kata Bálint Sun Jan 14 18:55:11 UTC 2018
wanna travel w/ @RegőJaniszewski ❤️