Frances Tongcos Sun Jan 14 11:33:32 UTC 2018
August 2017 - I took that step on independence and travelled half way around the world all by myself and it was in Europe when my whole world changed. For 33 years of existence, never once have I travelled alone by myself, it will always be either with my family or a mentor for congresses/summits. It was at this time when I braved the unknown and took the once in a lifetime chance and believed in myself that I can do it. Europe has taught me to have faith in what I can do as a person. It made me felt braver and more confident. Europe taught me that I should go out from my comfort zone and opportunities are around you, and all you have to do is pop that bubble,break that wall you created and see what the world can offer. Europe taught me to fall inlove. For once after 13 years,I fell inlove again which I never thought I was still capable of. Thus #busabout, please #takemetoeurope again and give me a chance to grow more,to explore more and to learn more about life and the opportunities it has to offer. 💋💋💋
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