Brinlietravels Tue Jun 05 21:55:32 UTC 2018
Just started this rosd trip πŸ˜„ 56 hours of driving! Wish me luck! I hope to not be esten by any bears πŸ˜…
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Abu Daud Robin Sun Jun 10 12:52:09 UTC 2018
@BrinlieClark Sure then...
Brinlietravels Sun Jun 10 12:39:37 UTC 2018
@AbuDaudRobin if you’ve got an Instagram that’s where I’m putting most of my exciting content! @brinlietravels
Brinlietravels Sun Jun 10 12:38:42 UTC 2018
@HighhawkSbSba we did run into one bear but luckily it wasn’t too interested in us πŸ˜…
Brinlietravels Sun Jun 10 12:38:00 UTC 2018
@Travello wahoo!
Travello Thu Jun 07 01:40:15 UTC 2018
Road trip!
Highhawk Sb Sba Wed Jun 06 16:05:58 UTC 2018
You will be eaten for sure because bears prefer honey
Abu Daud Robin Tue Jun 05 22:15:45 UTC 2018
Waiting to hear some excitement story.