Ronnie Eve Scott Thu Jan 04 09:02:28 UTC 2018
Ticked off yet another thing of my 2018 bucket list and took a picture in front of the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers. Days like these inspire me to travel more in 2018! #twintowers #busabout #takemetoeurope
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Muhammad Ijaz Mon Mar 12 09:17:07 UTC 2018
Ronnie Eve Scott Sun Jan 07 08:47:44 UTC 2018
Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand šŸ˜Š
Halim Yong Sun Jan 07 08:42:40 UTC 2018
Where are you heading to after this?
Ronnie Eve Scott Sun Jan 07 08:41:02 UTC 2018
Ah i wish Iā€™d have known earlier! We are leaving KL first thing tomorrow morning!
Halim Yong Sun Jan 07 08:39:13 UTC 2018
I work at Petronas twin tower hehe, can guide you to special Access
Kamal Miah Sun Jan 07 04:11:45 UTC 2018
Kamalanathan Chandrakanth Sat Jan 06 05:15:45 UTC 2018
Nice place
Ronnie Eve Scott Fri Jan 05 05:36:09 UTC 2018