Francis Lubuulwa Sat Apr 21 15:49:10 UTC 2018
Hello everybody from this group brothers and sisters let me first introduce my self I'm called Francis from Uganda Entebbe living in a small village called kigungu behind the Entebbe international airport.I'm 20 years old and I'm working as a tour guide having my company my Small company and my website is called you can subscribe and share it if you want.I started that beautiful job of mine this year because I want to work with travelers to help them not to spend a lot while tourism and not to use big companies which charge them a lot of money during tour. You can contact me on WhatsApp or telegram +256755436093 if you wanna visit Africa Uganda or you have a plan and maybe you wanna visit and you need my help.there we were at the source of river Nile in Uganda the longest river in the world. Come one come all I'm here in Uganda for you members the pearl of Africa thank you.
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