Johnny Chaaya Wed Apr 18 14:25:51 UTC 2018
Hello, travelling to krakow in polland any recommendation where to visit ?!
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Johnny Chaaya Sat Apr 21 12:17:15 UTC 2018
Oh ok great thank you
Michael Ka Sat Apr 21 12:16:27 UTC 2018
Yes. Most of the younger generation of people speak English. Education level in Poland is at a top level. Also the place is full of English speaking tourists.
Johnny Chaaya Sat Apr 21 08:00:21 UTC 2018
@MichaelKa ok thank you people there can talk english?!
Michael Ka Sat Apr 21 02:22:43 UTC 2018
The main old city square is a must and hard to miss. Also the former Jewish part of the city “Kazimierz” offers a lot of nice pubs and cafes. Wieliczka solt mine is highly recommended. It’s just outside the city. Must see.