Laura Koedam Tue Jan 09 13:55:24 UTC 2018
Rio de Janeiro was beautiful! The first SA city I ever visited and I LOVED it. A lot of culture, friendly people, good food and beautiful sights. It inspired me to discover more and made me realize that traveling does not have to be extremely expensive. You can get through a day on a couple of euros basically. Even though as a recent graduate I don’t have tons of money, I’m determined to use the money I have in a way that it teaches me more than any material it could ever buy ! 2018, here’s to you, here’s to us! Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it. #takemetoasia #busabout
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Bipin Saspara Tue Jan 23 20:50:13 UTC 2018
Very nice review and you seems to be nice person
Kalpesh Jadhav Mon Jan 15 06:38:23 UTC 2018
Miles 4 Tue Jan 09 22:12:16 UTC 2018
Nice view