thenomadicmanc Thu Jul 13 13:04:45 UTC 2017
QT you have taken my voice. So have had to have a sick day. This makes for a good excuse, first day on a board. Checkout my latest video in QT: #mynewzealandlife #challenges #mytown #travel2017 #theremarkables #Queenstownlife #snowboarding #solotravel #thenomadicmanc Music creds: Hoop! Records Astones ft. Deja - Don't Forget Me (Original Mix)
Day 361 - This day marked my birthday. So I chose to do something that truly scared me. Jumping from a 109 meter cliff, the worlds highest cliff swing. Locat...
Sensational track by Astones! Melodic vocals and enchanting leads transmit unique emotions and feelings. Initially the song brings you to a melancholy world in order to express your thoughts, and then
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