Lorraine Heneghan Tue Feb 21 07:39:43 UTC 2017
Hi all!! Planning a trip to India arrive down sth in Kochi on the 4th of April. Was wondering if anyone was in the area around then and like to sightsee or meet up. Also would appreciate info on places to stay and do. Thanks
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Mayank Sharma Wed Apr 26 07:59:20 UTC 2017
Hello lorraine. If you are near delhi then ping me. I m going to rishikesh today. You should be most welcome if you want to explore uttrakhand
Priyanka Karnik Wed Mar 08 10:23:03 UTC 2017
I cn try if I can but m not from cochin but can suggest u places if u want like u have back waters n munnar hills it's beautiful n u have water falls there u have also visit trivandrum beaches it's near cochin you will find beautiful beaches there☺
Samia Salamanca Wed Feb 22 08:43:21 UTC 2017
Going there next year. Let us know how you go and places you recommend visiting
Lorraine Heneghan Wed Feb 22 05:53:52 UTC 2017
Hi there I will be there down south from the 4 April till the 20 of April
Cath. Tue Feb 21 20:55:29 UTC 2017
How long are you going over there for? I have a friend over there at the moment.