Juvymer de Grano Tue Jan 09 04:22:45 UTC 2018
Traveling with your bestfriend makes your friendship more deeper and stronger. We may have arguments but at the end of the day, we learn that we don't need to be perfect or to have a perfect one. Accepting each imperfections are all that matters 😊 This photo was taken at Gardens By the Bay in Singapore where we spent our Christmas day 2017. Wishing for more travels and fulfilling friendship goals this 2018 😄 #busabout #takemetoeurope #takemetoasia
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Sarath Sarath Tue Jan 09 10:56:42 UTC 2018
Aristotle Confucius Socrates Tue Jan 09 08:42:46 UTC 2018
More fulfilling travels for the both of you... :D