Franco Chew Mon Jul 17 17:30:23 UTC 2017
Lhasa is place for you to refill item needed before long tibet trip. Altitude sickness—also known as acute mountain sickness (AMS) is first obstacle face before belong long tibet trip. Lhasa City at 3,600 Meters: we Spend 2–3 Days There to Adapt to the High Altitude Acetazolamide (Diamox) is the best medicine to avoid altitude sickness . It’s hard to avoid altitude sickness because you ascend to such a high altitude, especially when you are used to living at a low altitude.No matter who you are – male or female, senior or young – if you ascend to a high altitude area like Lhasa (3,600 meters / 11,800 feet), you will experience altitude sickness Most Common Altitude Sickness Symptoms, Headache, dizziness, Weakness, tiredness, No appetite, , Shortness of breath, Severe sickness: swelling, shock, spasms, and pulmonary edema. At night, you might feel short of breath and find it difficult to fall asleep. Headaches can be worse at night. All the above symptoms are very common for every traveler and can be reduced by taking certain medicines.
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