salma2 Mon Sep 11 06:47:42 UTC 2017
Hiii .. can i go to croatia beaches at the end of october?? I mean can i swim , do zip lining, rafting ..etc.? Will it be cold?
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Mohamed Ali Tue Sep 12 09:55:48 UTC 2017
Hi azayek ya salma
salma2 Mon Sep 11 08:26:15 UTC 2017
salma2 Mon Sep 11 08:24:57 UTC 2017
Dubrovink and split
Mimi Hristova Mon Sep 11 07:04:56 UTC 2017
It will be cold and most probably raining because it's autumn
Anna6 Mon Sep 11 06:55:02 UTC 2017
Where in croatia? I'm going in two weeks to Rovinj (Nord) and right now it's not that warm.