Barat ƏlizadΙ™ Fri Apr 20 14:51:30 UTC 2018
πŸ’­ I have learned from the very beginning that happiness will not be achieved by wealth! 😊 ✏ A few years ago, when I started to read my favorite books with great enthusiasm, I thought that money, wealth, well-being, glory, made people happy. After a while, I learned that it was not so. Even if so, why are so rich businessmen not as happy as they are? So why do great leaders who have achieved everything can not achieve happiness? Why do scientists who find the solution to everything can not find the happiness of happiness? When I was thinking of all this, I had a great deal of answers. But none was as beautiful as described in a book I heard. βœ’ I listened and found out that people were looking for happiness in the wrong place. Happiness in wealth, respect, popularity, height. But happiness never happened to them. From that book I learned that happiness was a feeling of "POWERFUL". Nothing has been so happy as it was for God to give thanks. A person who is grateful has never been desperate. He never feared. Being poor would also give him hope for the future, because he would be grateful to God every day, happy with the situation. Or, not every rich person was happy that he was not able to thank him for being a human. Although he enjoyed the blessings that God bestowed on him, he forgot that he had come. And, he sought to find happiness in entertainment. But, unfortunately, he never thought he would never find it. πŸ–Š However, happiness is now on our side. As we thank God, he is close to us. Everyone, regardless of their position, status, life, and how they lived, could become a Creator without a Preserver! Happiness is actually so simple! :) Blessed are you, friends! May God grant each of us the wisdom to be grateful for all the blessings he has given us now! :) ------------------------------- πŸ†Ž Alizade Barat Hamlet oghlu 🌐 Interforce Tourism Company πŸ’Ό Tradesman, Founder and CEO βœ’ Facebook: Barat Alizadeh ✏ Instagram: @barat_alizadeh_official πŸ“© Email: #success #leader #motivation #baratalizadeh #interforce #tourism #company #director #owner #happyday #dayroutines
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