Taryn🦄 Sun May 27 08:33:45 UTC 2018
Any advice on how to get arpund madrid and barcelona wpuld be great 🙏🏼 also when and where should I buy tickets for the sights?
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Purple💜 Mon May 28 06:16:37 UTC 2018
@Taryn🦄 and yes Seville, Granada and Cordova is a must
Purple💜 Mon May 28 06:15:27 UTC 2018
@Taryn🦄 for the sights you can check it online Viator website I suggest
cindyNL Sun May 27 12:43:45 UTC 2018
Alsa busses (alsa.com) are very good and a perfect way of transport around Spain. You can buy a ticket online or just at the bus station
Taryn🦄 Sun May 27 11:57:56 UTC 2018
Thank you - where do you buy bus tickets? I might go to Granada or Seville but it depends on the transport. @cindyNL
cindyNL Sun May 27 11:10:31 UTC 2018
@Taryn🦄 not sure what you mean. If it is about transport, you can buy a bus ticket 1 day in advance. If you consider going to Granada and want to visit the Alhambra, tickets should be bought online why in advance (3 months) or you should be lucky. You can visit it anyway, the parts without a ticket