Dewi Yuliani Wed Mar 01 00:09:22 UTC 2017
last year I've been going on in a road trip to Java with my friends. We visit a lot of places. Baluran National Park, Mt. Bromo, Bande Alit Beach, and the most memorable place is Mt. Arjuna, that was the first time in my life climbing a serious mountain. The Goal of the trip is to clean up the mountain from vandalism who made by people who called themselves Climbers or Nature Enthusiast and also the trash along the way to the summit. This part of the trip is the hardest for me physically and mentally. I wish I could make it to the summit, but that's not make the trip less great not only because of the view that amazingly beautiful but also because I learned a lot of things, friendship, working together, support each other with everything we could.
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Life of Mi Wed Mar 01 03:15:43 UTC 2017