Barat ƏlizadΙ™ Mon May 21 07:51:55 UTC 2018
πŸ’­ "12 May - I present the pictures from my seminar at the University of Languages ​​.. Hopefully it has been helpful!" 😊 πŸ“ The seminar was so interesting and entertaining that it was a pleasant conversation. It was very nice for me not to take into account the problem of time .. It is interesting to spend a seminar in alpha mode, especially with quiet classical music .. 😊 ✏ I would like to thank all my sufferers, including my followers Fidan, and the organizers Sadig bey and Nihat Bey, who invited me to university students and those who came to listen to me there. Hopefully, we will meet again later. This visit is not 17 people, but 17,000 people .. :) PS: At the end of the workshop, I read 'Evaluation' at home and I was very happy. :) It was nice to chat with you! Well, that's it :) :) Β ------------------------------ πŸ†Ž Alizade Barat Hamlet oghlu 🌐 Interforce Tourism Company πŸ’Ό Tradesman, Founder and CEO βœ’ Facebook: Barat Alizadeh ✏ Instagram: @barat_alizadeh_official πŸ“© Email: #baratalizadeh #lider #motivation # success # development #interforce #turizm # company #direktor #ceo # habit #dilleruniversitesi #adu #seminar
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