Mitch Sat Apr 28 00:29:06 UTC 2018
Who takes your photo when your travelng solo and tired of selfi-eng? πŸ˜πŸ˜† been always chasing sunsets (or sunrise) whenever wherever! This was from my recent trip to The Mystical Island of Siquijor!
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Anurag Gupta Sat Apr 28 01:12:31 UTC 2018
@Mitch haha..i know.. Well..nice shot
Mitch Sat Apr 28 01:10:49 UTC 2018
@AnuragGupta still me! There’s an app that links my action camera with my phone, see thats why i’m holding my phone in the photo! Lol
Anurag Gupta Sat Apr 28 00:50:55 UTC 2018
@Mitch who takes ur photo..πŸ˜„