Carrie1 Thu Mar 09 11:45:46 UTC 2017
Hey crazy travellers, I'm going to have my new book published and am working on a project about that. With the project, I would love to have some volunteer models for a photoshoot. I live in Sydney CBD next to Townhall and would offer a free photoshoot for up to 30 mins around the same location. I am not a professional photographer and am just interested in taking photos, and you are welcome to view the previous shots here: as well as my insta: @carrie_solojourney I don't need you to be fit so feel free to drop me a msg for more details about my project. And please msg your basic info such as nationality, work or study, age etc. Thanks and let me buy you a coffee too:) Carrie
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Carrie1 Thu Mar 09 11:52:35 UTC 2017
Sorry seems I can't send the link here so plz msg me:)