Aleli Manantan Wed Jun 06 03:28:28 UTC 2018
Be thrilled to experience the wild at night! Last October 28, 2017, we were invited to Zoobic Safari’s re-launching event of Philippine’s First and Only “Night Safari”. Here are the 5 things you can do at Zoobic Safari: 1. Dine in their Filipino inspired Samgyupsal Splurge yourself to a sumptuous meal by Zoobic Safari’s Restaurant. Served with all natural and high-quality ingredients. I have to confess, I really liked this soup! It’s so savory and very Filipino! But wait, there’s more! Our fellow native Aeta’s are also here to assist us while we enjoy our tasting menu. 2. Walk with the Greyhounds Are you a dog lover? If yes, you’ll surely love this activity. But if not, please still try this! The dogs are so adorable and they won’t harm you! Believe me! Greyhounds are known to be the fastest dogs. At first, I was too hesitant to hold them, but as we go through into the woods I eventually loved this skinny-tall dogs. 3. Explore the Enchanted Forest Appreciate the beauty of nature as our fellow Aeta narrates the story of their lives in the wild. 4. Gaze upon the Crocodiles in Croco-Loco Don’t miss the chance to feed and watch the crocodiles in their sanctuary. 5. Watch their Animal Parade And for the finale, a very entertaining exhibition of talents cast by the staff and our fellow Aeta’s and a parade of animals. Boys and girls of all ages will surely enjoy this show like how we did. Zoobic Night Safari is available every Saturday from Oct 28, 2017, to Jan 6, 2018, 5pm onwards. Soon at Zoobic Safari Watch out for the upcoming events and attractions in Zoobic Safari: GlampZ Also known as the Glamorous Camping @ Zoomanity, Zoobic Safari brings us to the next level of glamping in the wild. Watch out for more animals and other surprises we’re cooking up for everyone. You shouldn’t miss this chance for you and your family! For inquiries, you may contact us at 847-0413 loc 344/899-9828 or24 Text: 0917-835-1111 or visit our website at
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