CamboRambo Tue May 16 10:41:06 UTC 2017
Hi guys, My name is Dave. I'm a 32 year old former advertising executive from Brisbane, Australia. I've decided to part with my worldly possessions and leave behind my home country for the first time. I'm not intending on coming back to Australia until I have achieved my vision of raising the quality of living for the people of Cambodia through education and literacy, improving access to basic health care and the creation of job opportunities in the community. I am seeking like minded individuals to meet up and exchange ideas with. I have no concrete plans regarding how I want to invest yet but I've got some great ideas and I'd love to hear yours. All my love! Dave
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Kenneth James Mills Mon Jul 24 05:21:39 UTC 2017
Concrete is another good area to focus on as well!
Kenneth James Mills Mon Jul 24 05:20:55 UTC 2017
The Scots believed that an educated work force would lead to higher profits. They were right. Canadian GDP was grown in the last quarter by Administration jobs, Healthcare, and disaster. Wealth creation sectors were declined by the government itself. Lesson learned: wealth creation sectors will grow the people. Everything else is dependent on real wealth creation. Farming, Fishing, manufacturing, mining are wealth creation areas. So is forestry! Build the roads, make fishing better, make growing food easier! Make life easier! This isn't rocket science. Its all in that people have to eat, wear clothing (usually), sleep in safety, have clean water and good sanitation. Start with bricks! It's the easiest thing to start with! Focus on good brick making, then upgrade with time to asphalt
Kenneth James Mills Mon Jul 24 05:13:30 UTC 2017
My research has led me to three key things: (1) indoor growing systems for food, utilizing vertically growing food and maximizing water use. (2) brick making and building design systems. Cave dwellings utilize and maximize heat and cold air while allowing for homes that can withstand hurricanes and such. Fire proof is kind of important in this day and age. Brick making equipment exists that will allow for road and infrastructure upgrades! Cambodia may or may not have access as of yet. (3) resource management systems in the form of fisheries, forestry, and mineral extraction systems would be extremely beneficial because these resources will allow for education to upgrade. We as Canadians, forgot. All growth in Canada came from farming, logging and mining.logging,mining.resScotbelieved thar
Keri T Sun Jun 25 16:20:53 UTC 2017
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Pushpak Pal Fri Jun 23 06:26:30 UTC 2017
I really appreciate the way you think!