Gchiquita Mon Feb 20 06:03:42 UTC 2017
Driving from charlotte nc to reno, nv. Anywhere I should make sure to see? From reno to sacramento. Any suggestions when I fet there? (Outdoor/indoor/museums/food/tours/anythjng)
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Gchiquita Mon Feb 20 06:33:54 UTC 2017
Ah, yes, I'll be there a week so I thought Yosemite would be worth a day. (:
Nikia 897 Mon Feb 20 06:30:39 UTC 2017
Have to have a sneaky look at Vegas ;)
Mark Cantoni Mon Feb 20 06:16:11 UTC 2017
Yosemite might be a little of the beaten track but it is definitely a must see!👍😀