Nit Nxl Thu Apr 26 17:01:59 UTC 2018
Hi I’m based in Singapore now:) Anyone travelling to Singapore and is looking for a Friend to bring you around town you can hit me up😊 if i’m free during your time here i’ll definitely meet up with you! I’m new on this platform and I just enjoy meeting people of various nationalities🌟
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naej4444 Sun Apr 29 23:33:31 UTC 2018
@NitNxl hi maybe u can tell me where i can stay cheap
Fitrianto Setiawan Fri Apr 27 08:45:51 UTC 2018
Ok then..and thank you for your kind 👍
Nit Nxl Fri Apr 27 02:40:55 UTC 2018
@KhalidMir just send me a private msg through this app I’ll see if I have time off from my studies to meet up because the next 2 weeks is my finals week:)
Khalid Mir Thu Apr 26 20:22:39 UTC 2018
Hi Nit Nxl, I've plan to visit Singapore in first or 2nd week of May2018 :) will see you
Supreet Singh Bais Thu Apr 26 18:34:41 UTC 2018
@NitNxl woww thats good thing...
Mamun Rashid Thu Apr 26 17:46:48 UTC 2018
@NitNxl ok
Nit Nxl Thu Apr 26 17:45:42 UTC 2018
@MamunRashid we can communicate through this app for now:)
Nit Nxl Thu Apr 26 17:38:10 UTC 2018
@ChhaviKasturia yeah sure!
Mamun Rashid Thu Apr 26 17:21:08 UTC 2018
@NitNxl have u what's up or any social nbr that I can communicate with you
Chhavi Kasturia Thu Apr 26 17:20:06 UTC 2018
@NitNxl hey lets catch up sometime in singapore?
Nit Nxl Thu Apr 26 17:16:37 UTC 2018
@MamunRashid no prob I’ll try to help if possible!
Mamun Rashid Thu Apr 26 17:15:19 UTC 2018
Thanks a lot dear.I will come here in Singapore after 4 months for visit.I will call u reached here,plz do as ur possible