Nelson Em Tue Mar 14 04:50:38 UTC 2017
Hi Everyone.. My name is Nelson, I'm on my crazy journey to travel the world with low budget trick, I sleep every where on particular public place, or ask to some couchsurfing member to host me, but now, my limit to send request on my couchsurfing account has been over on this week.. so I ask in this public forum. Right now, I'm in Mataram, tomorrow I want to visit Gili Trawangan.. there is anybody will provide me place for sleep? I can help you do some daily job, if you want. So for everyone who can host me in around Gili, That my pleasure.. thanks 😉
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Nelson Em Wed Mar 15 23:18:36 UTC 2017
@catch : yeah.. I will :(
Cath. Wed Mar 15 09:13:16 UTC 2017
Find somewhere?
Yudistira Irvan Tue Mar 14 15:06:26 UTC 2017
Semoga beruntung mas
Aryy Fauzyy Tue Mar 14 10:38:51 UTC 2017
Ok bro goodluck
Nelson Em Tue Mar 14 10:38:25 UTC 2017
@arry gw juga bingung bro,, haha, kalo masih bisa bertahan kenapa engga bro,, haha
Aryy Fauzyy Tue Mar 14 10:36:19 UTC 2017
Good luck bro, gue tanggal 1-5 d lombok, kalau masih d lombok ikut k rinjani lah
Nelson Em Tue Mar 14 09:27:03 UTC 2017
@nepal hiking : No, I'm traveling in Lombok - Indonesia
Nepal hiking Tue Mar 14 08:22:06 UTC 2017
Arr you traveling in Nepal ??