JDAroundTheWorld Thu Jul 13 10:39:22 UTC 2017
Sunset in Vang Vieng, Laos. Just had to get off my scooter and capture this. #tourism #travel #backpacker #backpacker If you like what you see guys, smash that follow button for more posts. Thank you!
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JDAroundTheWorld Sat Jul 22 21:08:46 UTC 2017
Depending on how long you have in total in Laos. I would recommend 3/4 nights. This is perfect for exploring the area around, going tubing if that's your thing and having a night out. Vang Vieng is an awesome place you'll love it.
leenmachine Sat Jul 22 05:34:04 UTC 2017
Heading to Vang Vieng next week - how long would you recommend to stay there? A few days or it needs a good week to explore?
TravelerBooking Sun Jul 16 15:31:18 UTC 2017
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Dhani-Gorie Sumohardjono Sat Jul 15 19:59:29 UTC 2017
Yeah.. agree
JDAroundTheWorld Sat Jul 15 19:58:38 UTC 2017
Yeah went there too. Luang Prabang is a cool place and I love Kuang Si Waterfall.
Dhani-Gorie Sumohardjono Sat Jul 15 02:31:17 UTC 2017
Yeah it is, did you go to Luang Prabang?
JDAroundTheWorld Fri Jul 14 20:22:45 UTC 2017
I loved Vang Vieng, such a brilliant place to explore and see the countryside.
Dhani-Gorie Sumohardjono Fri Jul 14 09:21:59 UTC 2017
I have 1 Vang Vieng pic as well :) but yours is obviously way much better
JDAroundTheWorld Thu Jul 13 13:42:33 UTC 2017
Mintra this is about 2km just outside of Vang Vieng. Hire a scooter, head over the bridge and ride around in the beautiful countryside.
Maria Sakura Thu Jul 13 13:25:13 UTC 2017
I love Vang Vieng😍
Mintra Thu Jul 13 12:43:34 UTC 2017
Nice! Where is it?