Rubi Edillo Mon Mar 12 16:24:48 UTC 2018
Black Lava trail going to Mayon Volcano at Daraga, Albay Philippines, 1.5 -2 hrs ATV ride from the residence area going up on the hill of the volcano where you can see the helicopter deck made from the lava of the historic volcanic eruption of Mayon Volcano, while on the way, Cagsawa ruins can also be seen where in ,it is the church ruin from the volcanic eruption and was build during the spaniards regime here in the Philippines more than 300 yrs ago, aside from that, upon arrival on the destination,,, you can also free yourself by experiencing the zipline while enjoying the scenic beauty of the whole city and the alluring maiden of the ocean and coconuts that surrounds the whole city,,, there are also adventures while having the trail cause there are challenges accros the road as you go along with your journey riching up your destinationšŸ˜Š
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Clarkson Kent Tue Mar 13 02:53:24 UTC 2018
Okay thank you
Rubi Edillo Tue Mar 13 02:47:52 UTC 2018
I don't know, i went there last yr. January
Clarkson Kent Tue Mar 13 01:09:35 UTC 2018
Open na ba jan uli