Jess Tue Jan 09 03:05:22 UTC 2018
Coron, Palawan 2014 I can still vividly remember, I was still a student back then when new friends invited me to join their trip in Coron. When I say new, I meant it. I’ve only met them few days back. I was scared to leave school for days but I told myself, might as well hoping that I won’t be missing too much from my classes. I booked my flight the night before and never regretted it. It is one of the best weeks in my life. It was actually my first time to go somewhere with people I really don’t know and there I was spending the days and nights as if they were a part of me. I am a sucker of the sky and nature and it was a haven for me. We stayed in the four different islands for the entire week. Watched every sunset that reminded us how lucky we were. We slept on the beach, the sand being the best mattress you could ever wish and the hundred eighty degrees of countless stars, the best roof ever created. The bright planktons at night, the breeze and the calls of the waves. We never complained about not having internet, mobile reception, or even electricity, we were happy by what we had. I forgot to count the days. We slept over the mornings whenever people from day trips roam around the island, because at night we have it by ourselves. I never mind the sunburns or the sand on my hair. I swam and oared the sea, forgetting how scared I was in an open water. This experience made me realised that life never stops here and there. There are millions of reasons to go on living. Coron is not only a place for me. No doubt that it is a paradise but it opened it’s arms to me. I wasn’t only able to make new friends that I will forever keep, it didn’t only give me the experience, what it gave me was beyond to be grateful every day. I hope one day, every one of us who loves to travel to be able to find that place which will open it’s arms. Like what my friend told me; Tomorrow is tomorrow, tonight is tonight. Live each moment. Cheers to more travels that we all deserve! #firstpost #hopefullynotlast #busabout #takemetoEurope #photoismine
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