Hilario De Leon Shem Tue Jan 09 10:55:11 UTC 2018
It was my firstime indeed last August 2017 to travel as a solo traveler this was taken @ batu ferringghi malaysia with my friend whom i'm able also to visit for almost 5yrs we didnt see each other..i was able to try different local foods when i was there especially nasi lemak,famous chicken rice the ice kacang and chendul..it was indeed a memorable for a first timer i was able to cross singapore for another 2 day tour before i go back to the philippines in my beloved country..a pleasant travel experience for me i was able to visit 2 countries in one travel and visit also some of my friends working in singapore..I also would loved to try to travel Europe maybe if im given a chance one of this day but not for now haha tight budget..this 2018 looking forward with another travel asia again this time i had a company with me my 2 kids and friend ✈😘 #takemetoeurope
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