Zara Nazarova Sat Jun 02 18:32:49 UTC 2018
๐ŸŒณFour-hundred-year-old tree๐ŸŒณ Lonely, in the heart of the desert, a mile from the nearest water source and some other vegetation, the Tree of Life, in Bahrain, is one of the most remarkable phenomena of nature #firstpost #bahrainoldtree
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Ezian Abdurahman Wed Sep 26 00:26:17 UTC 2018
Ayub Khan Fri Jun 08 04:30:52 UTC 2018
@ZaraNazarova Great
Anyelo Hernadez Mon Jun 04 21:45:19 UTC 2018
Zara Nazarova Mon Jun 04 15:04:57 UTC 2018
Anyelo Hernadez Mon Jun 04 10:30:36 UTC 2018
Muy bella ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜˜
Ibrahim Elnadi Sun Jun 03 09:19:50 UTC 2018
That's great btw I am also live in Bahrain
Zara Nazarova Sun Jun 03 05:52:01 UTC 2018
@AfiffauziHajiWahid When you approach the tree comes such an influx of inertia .. very nice
Zara Nazarova Sun Jun 03 05:50:49 UTC 2018
@AhmetKaan In the desert of Bahrain, where there are no surface or groundwater sources, in an incomprehensible way for 400 years a lone acacia tree has been growing... ๐Ÿง
Afiffauzi Haji Wahid Sun Jun 03 02:49:37 UTC 2018
@ZaraNazarova looking good
Ahmet Kaan Sat Jun 02 23:58:43 UTC 2018
@ZaraNazarova very nice. But there is 7 hundred years old tree in Magosa North Cyprus
Gaurav Sharma Sat Jun 02 19:22:10 UTC 2018
@ZaraNazarova good one